Signs That You Need Plumbing Services

23 July 2021
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There are several plumbing issues around the house that you can fix with ease. For example, if you have blocked the drain in your bathroom, you can fix it by removing hair and any other objects blocking the drain. These are easy tasks, but there are other plumbing problems that require an expert. 

Here is how to know when to call in plumbing services. 

Higher Water Bills 

If your monthly consumption has remained the same over the last few months, your water bills should be roughly similar for all months. An increase of a few dollars is reasonable, but if it's hundreds of dollars, it's a problem. 

How do you explain the steep increase unless you're using the water for something else? Did you open a carwash on your property, or are you sharing water with your neighbors? If not, there is probably a huge leak in your plumbing system. Contact a plumber to schedule an inspection and plumbing system repair. 

Visible Water 

Are your walls and floors wet? It's either you poured water on your walls and floors, or you have leaking pipes. Instead, call in a plumber to inspect your house and identify the location of the leak. This will prevent avoidable damage to your property as you look for the leak. 

Unusual Watercolor 

Water for home use should have no color, and it should be clear. If it changes to a brown or yellow color, it means you have rusty pipes. Old pipes will begin to rust after some time, and the corrosion will seep into your water. You'll need a plumber to inspect your pipes and recommend the best remedy. 

Slow Drain 

A simple clog blocking the flow of water is an easy DIY fix. Look around your kitchen or bathroom and try to find the clog. However, if water is draining slowly throughout your home, it's a sign of a bigger problem. Here, you'll need a plumber to inspect your sewer lines and root out the problem. 

Weak Water Flow 

If you're experiencing lower pressure than you're typically used to, it could be a distribution problem. Such problems are often caused by leaking supply lines. It could also be an issue with your water main. 

The easiest way to identify the problem is to call in a plumbing service. Locating malfunctions in plumbing systems is always difficult unless you're an experienced plumbing expert. And, even if you locate it, you probably don't have the tools to fix it. Therefore, call in an expert before the damage worsens.