Schedule a Sewer Camera Inspection Before You Purchase a Home

10 August 2021
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The purchase of a home is not something you want to go into blindly; you want to be certain you are making a sound investment. One way to go about this goal is to ensure that the plumbing system in the home is in good condition. Scheduling a sewer camera inspection before you purchase a property can help. 

1. Address Inspection Nightmares

A home purchase is a large investment, so it is wise to schedule a third-party sewer inspection of the property before you close on the home. During the inspection, a technician will look for everything from a blocked sewer line to a tree root system that is infringing on the line and creating a problem. 

More importantly, the technician will bring these issues to your attention so that you can address them or walk away from the deal if there are significant sewer issues revealed. Either way, the inspection helps ensure you are informed.

2. Price Negotiations

Sewer lines travel a long distance and well beneath the surface of a home, so it is not uncommon for there to be an issue with a sewer line, and it remains undetected. Again, the inspection can help reveal these issues, but more importantly, it can help you negotiate repair costs. 

For instance, sometimes an inspection will reveal an issue that has not quite caused damage yet, but could in the very near future, such as an inadequate line slope or a line that needs cleaning. Since the inspection provides a glimpse of the inner workings and condition of the sewer system, you will be able to use this report as a valuable negotiating tool. 

3. Sewer Camera Inspections

Fortunately, you do not have to be the property owner to have the sewer line of the new home inspected. A plumbing technician can easily work with the seller to coordinate a date and time for this inspection. Additionally, should you decide to purchase the property, the plumbing company you worked with can retain the data from your camera inspection and use it as a reference should you need services in the future. All in all, a sewer camera inspection can help protect you as a buyer and as an owner in the future.

If you want to ensure the plumbing system is ready before you purchase a home or learn more, you can contact a local professional for a sewer inspection today.