Two Common Gas Line Problems Plumbers Can Help Resolve

25 October 2021
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Who comes to mind whenever you experience a gas line problem? Majority of homeowners associate plumbers with water supply lines and sewer pipes. However, expert plumbers are skilled in installing and repairing natural gas lines.

Therefore, if you are experiencing gas piping problems around your home, you should consider hiring a plumber. Here are the two common gas line problems that plumbers can help repair.

Gas Leaks

Do you suspect that the gas supply line is leaking? Gas leaks in buildings are a high risk to the property and occupants. Besides the risk of a fire or explosion, inhaling natural gas is harmful to both people and pets as it could lead to gas poisoning.

Other than by the sense of smell, you can identify a gas leak by hearing hissing noises around the gas line or gas appliances. A hissing noise indicates a substantial leak that needs immediate plumber attention. If you also notice you have been paying higher gas bills without a change in utility, the increase in the bill could be due to a gas leak.

Call in a plumber if you think there is a gas leak in your home. Due to the high risk involved, don't attempt any self-help measures to deal with the leak. Instead, get your family out of the house and call expert plumbers.

Blocked Gas Lines

Among the common problems homeowners deal with is gas line blockage. It happens when a gas line becomes clogged with dirt and other particles like water, dust, or insects. The blockage restricts the free flow of gas through the pipe and could lead to a dent or slight bend.

You can easily tell a blocked gas line by monitoring the working of gas appliances. For example, when your burner, which would heat up fast, begins to heat up slowly even at the highest setting, there could be a limited gas supply due to a blocked line.

If left unattended, a blocked gas line could result in a gas leak due to the pipe's pressure build-up behind the blockage. As gas struggles to pass through the debris, it exerts pressure which could also weaken the pipe.

Professional plumbers who are certified to deal with gas lines can identify the source of the blockage. They can then clear the debris inside the pipe using a special probe, eliminating the risk of a gas leak or explosion.

Seek Emergency Plumbing Services for Gas Line Problem

Gas line problems are sensitive and high risk. Therefore, call expert plumbers to assist whenever you notice an inconsistency or malfunction with your gas line. They can safely identify the underlying problem and make repairs safely and efficiently.

For more information on gas line problems, contact a plumber near you.