Plumbing Issues: How You Can Tell It Is Time For That New Kitchen Faucet

30 November 2021
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Owning a house means that you have to repair and replace broken appliances and fixtures. It is crucial to maintain parts like the plumbing. Ignoring minor issues can lead to massive water damage. Faucets are among the most common causes of plumbing issues in the house because of their regular usage. Since most family members spend countless hours in the kitchen, it is one of the rooms whose faucets need regular checking. Here are clues that yours is getting damaged and needs repair or replacement. 

When the Water Smells or Tastes Bad

You might notice a smell that comes out of the kitchen tap but does not affect other parts. Usually, the smell comes from the most commonly used kitchen tap. With time and excessive use, the faucet rusts, and when it starts breaking down, the debris gets inside your water. You should call in a plumber to check the cause of the issue with your tap and offer the most suitable repair options. If the problem is rust in the faucet, they can resolve it. On the other hand, if the problem is other parts, they take time to assess and repair them.

When the Faucet Starts Leaking

You might notice leaks coming from various spots in the house when the faucet gets old and starts wearing out. Sometimes, water will drip from your furnace even after you have turned it off. In other cases, the problem begins at the base of the tap and leads to water pools on the counters and other areas. Note that the water can also leak below the visible level and cause massive damage to the cabinets and walls. 

When the Water Pressure Is Low

Another indicator that you need to replace your faucet is fluctuations in the water pressure. If the entire house suffers from low water pressure, you should contact the supply company and investigate. If the problem is not coming from them, consider checking the valves for corrosion. If the low pressure only affects one sink, consider replacing it. 

When You Have Mold

Mold grows where there is moisture. The mold on the walls, floor, and cabinets indicates that you have a leaking tap. Watch out for the characteristic smell of mold, and call a plumber when you suspect you have the issue.

An experienced plumber will help you troubleshoot and resolve all problems with the kitchen faucet. Contact them as soon as you notice signs of faucet trouble for a quick solution. They can provide more information regarding faucet installation and repair.