How Do Plumbers Repair Sewer Lines?

17 March 2022
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You flush your toilet only to find that the water doesn't go down. You might also smell sewer odors in your bathroom and discover that there is raw sewage in your tub. What is going on to cause these issues?

Most plumbers would suggest a sewer line issue with these symptoms. How can you know for sure, and what should you do about it? You should contact a plumber for help immediately.

Diagnose the problem as a sewer line issues

When you call the plumbing contractor, they will ask you what problems you're having. You can explain what is going on with your toilets and bathtub, and they will instantly assume that you have a problem with your sewer. Several sewer-related issues can cause the problems you're having. A plumber won't know the specific issue until they come to your home and inspect the system.

Find out where the issue is 

A plumber will begin by looking at the issues you see, including the plugged toilets. Next, they may check your septic tank. If your septic tank is full, this may be the reason your sewage is backing up into your home. If this isn't the cause, the plumber will inspect the sewer line to see if there is a clog. They may use various tools and equipment to locate the problem, as sewer lines are underground. It might take a few minutes or longer to locate the issue.

Make the repairs it needs

If the problem relates to a clogged sewer line, the only way to fix it is by digging the area to access this pipe. Once they access it, they may need to remove part of the pipe to replace it. Sewer lines tend to clog up from tree roots growing nearby. They can also clog by throwing the wrong things into your drains. A plumber will tell you the cause of your clog and make all the necessary repairs to ensure that it's working properly when they leave.

How to get sewer line repairs

You might suspect you have sewer line problems if you have raw sewage backing up into your bathtub or toilets. You might also experience the other signs listed here. When these signs appear in your home, you shouldn't hesitate to call a plumber. A plumber finds the problem and makes the repairs it needs to get your system running properly once again.

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