Common Tankless Water Heater Problems and How to Fix Them

23 May 2022
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Tankless water heaters provide warm water for consumption in your home. These heaters are a great option as they're more energy-efficient and provide warm water constantly without interruptions. However, tankless heaters can be powered by electricity or gas. Generally, gas tankless water heaters are more economical as natural gas is more affordable than electricity. However, these heaters are prone to problems due to tear and wear. So, you need to understand these issues to keep your water heater running. Here are the common tankless water heater problems and their solutions.

Exhaust Pipe Damage and Blockage

Gas tankless water heaters usually have exhaust pipes that direct combustion gasses like carbon monoxide outside your home. The combustion gasses are toxic and may cause respiratory issues such as lung cancer upon prolonged exposure. Nevertheless, exhaust pipes may get damaged due to exposure to extreme weather or physical damage. For instance, the pipes may crack or loosen around a joint, resulting in leakage of the toxic gasses. 

Additionally, the pipes may clog due to the accumulation of debris, leading to the accumulation of toxic gasses indoors. This lowers air quality. Water heater repair services inspect the exhaust pipes for gas leakage points like cracks or holes and seal them. Also, the professionals tighten loose joints to stop gas leakage. Moreover, the repair services remove foreign materials inside the pipe to unblock the pipes and allow free flow of the gasses.

Ignition System Failure

Gas tankless water heaters have a hot surface ignition system that ignites the gas and powers the heater. Water heaters with hot surface igniters provide low emissions and are fuel-efficient. However, your ignition system is prone to failure when the interior components get damaged. 

So, if your gas tankless water heater releases cold water, your ignition system may have an issue. For instance, the gas valves could be damaged, preventing the release of the ignition gas. Tankless water heater repair professionals can solve this problem by repairing the damaged components of the ignition system to restore its efficiency.

Mineral Buildup

Using hard water may make your tankless water heater more susceptible to mineral buildup. Minerals like calcium and magnesium may accumulate on the heater's filters, causing your heater to strain and consume more energy. The most effective solution to mineral buildup issues entails regularly cleaning your tankless heater to remove the accumulated minerals.

Gas tankless water heaters encounter common problems, including exhaust pipe damage and blockage, ignition system failure, and mineral buildup. Consider using the solutions recommended herein to solve these issues and restore your water heater's performance.

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