Hiring A Skilled Contractor For Professional French Drain Installation

17 June 2022
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You want to protect your landscape's beauty and function as much as possible. You especially want to prevent it from flooding after heavy rainfalls or when the snow melts in the spring.

You need a place for all of the standing water to run off and away from your plants, flower beds, and grass. You may prevent flooding and protect your landscape by hiring an experienced contractor for efficient French drain installation.

Ideal Location

When you hire someone with experience in French drain installation, you may get competent advice about where in your yard to install this type of drainage system. You might think to have it installed along the edges of a sidewalk or parallel to your driveway. However, there may be other ideal areas in the yard to add this fixture.

The contractor you hire for French drain installation can examine your yard and determine where areas might be most prone to flooding. They can then advise you on where this system might work the best to ensure complete drainage of runoff water from melting snow or heavy rainfall.

Secure Placement

You also want this system to remain in place and avoid sinking too low in the ground or being pushed up to the surface. The contractor you hire for French drain installation can ensure the pipe is laid at the right depth. They can ensure it will not move because of the soil pushing it up or wet soil underneath it causing it to sink too low.

The secure placement works to your yard's advantage. The water will have a place to go rather than pooling and standing in your flower bed, garden, or other parts of the yard. 

Weed Prevention

The contractor you hire for French drain installation can also ensure the pipe used for this system remains free from weed growth. You do not want weeds to clog up the drainage system. You need the perforated pipe to be free from such debris so water can run to and through it reliably.

The French drain installation contractor can wrap the pipe for the system with a permeable material. This material allows for water drainage but can prevent weeds from growing in the pipe.

A contractor experienced in French drain installation can benefit your landscape. They can decide where to install this system. The contractor can also secure the pipe in place and use permeable materials to wrap it in to prevent weed growth. 

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