Waterproofing Your Basement? What You Should Know

26 September 2022
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Waterproofing your basement is important because having water in your basement can create a lot of issues for you. Moisture anywhere in your home can be a problem, but if you have water coming into your home via your basement, it can eventually cause issues to the structure of your home, in addition to causing issues with mold and mildew growth. If you are having problems with moisture in your basement, or you have seepage, you need to waterproof the basement. Read on for information to help you waterproof your basement. 

Fill In Holes, Gaps, And Cracks

If you have holes, gaps, or cracks in your basement foundation walls, you need to fill in these areas. You need to fill in these areas to help seal your home properly. Fill in any gaps or openings with a concrete patch, or concrete caulking. If you have large holes, you should clean out the holes with a wire-bristle brush to clean out any loose debris inside the hole. Then fill in the holes using the concrete patch. Smaller gaps or cracks can be filled with concrete caulk, then smooth it out with your finger.

Repair Window Wells

Window wells may be a source of water seepage as well. You should clear out window wells and use a window well cover to help prevent debris from getting inside. Window well covers can be found at your local hardware store. Be sure the window well cover is sealed tightly to prevent debris from accumulating in the well. Be sure the grate in the window well is cleaned out so any water can drain in the grate.

Seal The Floor And Wall Seams Around The Perimeter

Seal your seams around the perimeter of the room where the wall and floor come together. This could be an area where you may see seepage. You should seal this area using a perimeter channel that sits against the wall but leaves a gap behind the channel. Then you will need to caulk the seam where the channel meets the floor to prevent water seepage. 

If you have issues with water seepage in your basement, you need to waterproof it before you end up with costly issues in the future. You will need to waterproof it correctly, and if you aren't sure how to do this, you need to hire a professional to help you waterproof your basement for you.

Contact a local waterproofing service, such as Rapid Response Waterproofing, to learn more.