4 Signs You Need Septic Tank Pumping Urgently

3 October 2022
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A sudden septic system failure is the last thing any property owner wants to experience. However, most homeowners rarely spend time thinking about their septic systems. Generally, every septic facility requires pumping and cleaning to enhance performance and avoid sewer backup. This piece highlights a few signs that you must schedule a septic tank pumping service.

1. You Flushed Inappropriate Items

You may have just flushed unacceptable items down your drains and wondered what could happen. For example, diapers, sanitary towels, papers, and baby wipes could clog the septic facility and cause a toilet backup.

The microbes in your tank break down waste to keep the levels low. Unfortunately, the bacteria might take too much time to break down these items. This could cause sudden toilet backups and drain field clogs that may harm your family's health and cause severe water damage. Therefore, you should call the experts for septic pumping to prevent toilet backup.

2. Excessive Wastewater

If you've used too much water, probably because you hosted visitors or you deep-cleaned your home, you might find it necessary to schedule an inspection and pumping service. Your septic tank can hold only so much water at one time. If it is full of wastewater, solid waste may leak into the drain field and cause pollution. The facility might overflow, leading to foul odors, health issues, and trouble with neighbors. However, septic specialists can empty and clean your tank if you drain too much water within a short time.

3. Stubborn Clogs

If only a section of your house is affected by a drain clog, the tank is probably in good shape, and only a few drains are blocked. In this case, you can schedule drain cleaning services with your plumber to rectify the problem. However, if all the sinks get clogged, something could be wrong with your tank. Therefore, consider scheduling an emergency septic pumping service.

4. Malfunctioning Leach Field

Another sign that might need emergency septic pumping is when you have unusual grass growth near the tank. Your leach field might be clogged due to a full or clogged septic tank. Unfortunately, traces of raw waste in your yard might expose you and your loved ones to various health hazards. However, you can empty your tank, fix the damages, and restore its performance.

A quick response to septic problems could save your home from a foul smell, water damage, toilet backup, and bathroom problems. Therefore, if you can relate to these situations, you should seek septic tank pumping services immediately.