4 Subtle Signs A Water Heater Requires Repairs

7 October 2022
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Figuring out whether a water heater needs repairs is often a fairly simple thing, especially if the system isn't delivering hot water. However, there can be more subtle issues, too. Even if these problems seem minor, they're still good reasons to contact a water heater service company.

Steam Release 

Every water heater has a pressure release that lets the steam out of the tank for safety purposes. If the tank gets too hot or turbulent, the steam goes through a valve and down a pipe that often releases onto the floor or into a drain. The release will sometimes trigger if the tank has had to run hard for a long time, such as after heavy usage from the home's occupants doing laundry and getting showers at the same time.

However, this should be a constant thing. If you're seeing evidence that the valve is releasing steam or water at least once every day, that's a sign that something isn't right with the water heater. The solution could be as simple as adjusting the control module, but it could be a sign of an impending failure. Ask a water heater repair technician to check it out.

Rusty Water

Problems inside the tank often show up in the water. If the tank is beginning to rust, you may first see evidence of it in the water. Notably, you shouldn't jump to the assumption the water tank is the culprit. However, if the nastiness only appears when you run the hot water, that's a pretty good sign that the problem is in the heater, tank, or connected lines.

Limited Flow

Minerals can collect in the lines and valves. Sometimes, they can even accumulate inside the tank to the point they cause problems. If the hot water line isn't providing great pressure, there may be some clogging in the system. It could be a plumbing issue, but there also could be minerals in or around the tank. This can be especially problematic if they jam up the valves so contact a hot water service firm to have a pro take a look.

Repeated Heating

Whenever a water heater is struggling to work, it can start repeatedly heating the water. This happens when the tank can't keep up, leading to the water cooling off. If you have a natural gas system, for example, this may be due to low pressure or clogged burners. You can often hear repeated ignitions and burns. Electrical systems also can have problems keeping up, although you'll mostly notice the issue with your electricity bills.