Keeping Your Drains Flowing With Routine Cleaning

18 October 2022
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When it comes to keeping your home's plumbing running smoothly, there can be several tasks that you will have to perform to address the issues that could arise. Cleaning the drain lines is one of these issues, but it is often the case that a homeowner may not realize the importance of cleaning the drain lines or the exact type of work that cleaning this part of the plumbing will require.

Grease Will Have A Tendency To Harden And Become More Difficult To Remove Over Time

Grease is one of the most common materials that can accumulate in a home's drain lines. If grease is allowed to accumulate in the drain lines, it can have a tendency to harden over time. As this occurs, it will make it far more difficult to remove. In order to reduce this from happening, it can be advisable to spend a few moments thoroughly flushing the drains with hot water. This can loosen grease and flush it out of the line before it will have a chance to harden. Salt water can be especially useful for this as the salt can be abrasive enough to wear down the grease that is in the line.

Grease Is Not The Only Material That May Have To Be Removed From The Drain Lines

While grease is one of the most common materials that may accumulate in a drain line, you should avoid assuming that grease is the only potential threat to these drains. Making this assumption could lead to a homeowner thinking that they may only need to clean their kitchen's drain line. In reality, mineral deposits, hair, and other substances can accumulate in any drain in your home, and it will be necessary to remove these deposits if the flow of water through the line is to be preserved and maximized.

Cleaning The Interior Drain Lines Can Require Specialized Tools

Cleaning a drain line can be surprisingly challenging due to the difficulty of reaching this area of the system. Luckily, there are specialized tools that residential drain cleaning services will be able to use to provide service for their clients. These tools can be used to reach deep into the drains where any deposits on the interior walls of the pipes can be broken up and removed. This can be the most effective solution for removing debris from the interior of the drain lines. In most cases, this may only be needed every few years as long as the homeowner is diligent about flushing the drains and using strainers to intercept larger pieces of debris. 

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