Slab Leak Repair: What You Need To Know

2 December 2022
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No homeowner wants to discover a severe water leak in their home. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for one of the most serious types of water leaks, a slab leak, to strike unsuspecting homeowners seemingly out of the blue. This article explains what homeowners need to know about this important issue. 


A slab leak is one that can happen to a home built with a slab foundation. These types of leaks come from pipes that are in the ground under the slab. The pipes may be leaking because they are deteriorating due to age or perhaps because the ground has shifted and caused a crack or rupture. If a water leak occurs above the level of your foundation, plumbers refer to it as a pinhole leak rather than a slab leak.


It is usually pretty easy to spot pinhole leaks around your house, but slab leaks are different because they occur far under your house and it might not be obvious that a leak is present. Even so, often certain signs will often indicate that a leak has developed. One common sign is problems with your flooring. If you have hardwood or tile floors, the water from a slab leak can cause them to crack or break. Slab leaks can also damage vinyl floors.

Look for any damp spots on a carpeted floor, which could be caused by water leaking from underground. Also, if you notice any warm spots on your floors, these might be explained by a slab leak.

Watch for significant increases in your water bill that have no obvious explanation. If you are not using any more water than usual and your water bill is higher, a slab leak could be the culprit. 

Low water pressure is another possible warning sign, as is mold or a moldy smell. Another signal is a hot water heater that runs excessively.


Repairing a slab leak is a job for professionals, who have several methods of fixing the problem. One option is to abandon the pipeline that is leaking and run new water pipes through the attic. Another possibility is to run a new line inside the old piping. Other choices are to jackhammer or tunnel through the slab and then find the leak and make the repair. Only a professional can tell you which one is the right choice for your situation.

For more information about slab leak repairs or any type of water leak, consult an experienced plumber in your area.