Things You Should Know About AC Duct Cleaning Costs

11 January 2023
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AC ductwork cleaning enables you to eliminate debris and any other impurities that may be stuck in the conditioned air distribution system. This ensures you get cleaner air, boosting the air conditioner's efficiency and longevity. 

Before you book an air conditioner duct cleaning appointment, you might want to know the cost of the service. Price varies depending on numerous factors, including the cleaning company you opt to work with. This post will share basic things you should know about the duct cleaning process and the aspects that affect the costs.

What Will the Costs Include?

The best way to understand how your service provider will charge is to know what is generally included in the quotation. Most companies charge a certain amount to clean the entire duct system. The AC system technician will use special techniques and equipment to access all the areas and remove all dirt buildup so the unit can function efficiently for longer.

What Tasks Aren't Included in Duct Cleaning Costs?

When sanitizing the air ducts, the professionals may come across some unplanned surprises. Here are examples of tasks that may not be included in the initial quotation but will be added to the costs once they are discovered.

Mold Remediation

If you stay in a humid area or your house and have sustained water damage, you may have mold or mildew growth in the AC ducts. The technician will need to use special products and equipment to eliminate the mold and clean the area, so the family isn't exposed to dangerous spores. This additional task will increase the costs but will ensure no one is at risk of getting health diseases associated with mold spores.

Pest Removal

When pests find an opening, they can crawl into your home and settle in the AC duct system. If the professionals come across signs of a pest infestation, they will recommend that you get a pest exterminator to handle the pest problems before they clean the AC ducts. This additional service will automatically increase expenses.

What Factors Affect Duct Cleaning Prices?

Several factors determine the overall AC duct cleaning expenditures. These factors are the reason why the cleaning expenses vary from one residence to another, even if the cleaning is done at the same time by the same cleaners. The company will consider things like the number of vents to clean, accessibility, type of material, size of ductwork, house location, and labor costs. Each of these variables will either increase or lessen the total service costs.

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