The Major Methods Of Drain Cleaning

17 February 2023
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Clogging is a common problem in residential households, and there are chances that you may run into a clogged drain in your home at some point during your stay in it. You can be showering and realize that the bathroom drain is not channeling the water into the wastewater piping system, creating a pool of water on the floor. Also, you may discover the kitchen sink isn't draining water and produces a foul odor. These are signs that you have clogs that need fixing. Drain cleaning experts clear clogs in your drainage system, including clogs in urinals, toilets, tubs, sinks, and floor drains. They also repair underground drains, sewers, steam thaws, and frozen pipes.

What Are The Major Methods of Drain Cleaning

There are two major methods of drain cleaning, mainly cabling and hydro jetting. Cabling is best for occasional use as it pulls or breaks a drain blockage. Hydro jetting, on the other hand, offers a long-term drain cleaning solution that limits the recurrence of clogs by using high pressure to eliminate accumulated debris such as tree roots, grease, and deposits from mineral scales.


Cabling, also referred to as snaking, involves the use of a drain snake. A drain snake is a clog-clearing tool to fix sink, tub, or toilet drainage problems. It entails placing a flexible tool with a twistable metal coil into your drainage system to eliminate the blockage. If you decide to do it yourself, you can opt for an electrical or manual drain snake from your local hardware shop. However, if you lack the expertise in cleaning drains, you can end up causing damage to pipes while using drain snakes. Therefore, contact professional services to help fix your drainage systems.

Hydro Jetting 

Hydro jetting is another common method for cleaning drainage pipes. It entails channeling water at high pressure through your home's plumbing system using a specialized hose. A plumber uses a camera to assess your pipes for potential damage that the high pressure can exacerbate. The plumber then turns the high-pressure water on, moving the hose through your pipes and cleaning them. The pressurized water jets simultaneously shoot out of the nozzles of the hose in different directions, cleaning the debris. The process makes the interior of your pipes look new while eliminating any clogs present.


Slow-draining sinks, persistent overflowing toilets, frequent sink and tub fill-ups, and a foul smell from indicate that you need to clean your drains. Some drain cleaning companies also offer emergency plumbing services when you need immediate drain cleaning. Contact a professional drain cleaning service provider to learn more.