Subtle Signs Of Plumbing Problems

27 February 2023
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If you walk into your kitchen and see a stream of water leaking from a pipe, you know you need to call the plumber. However, it may not always be this obvious when it comes to knowing that you need the services of a plumber. You can learn about some of the more subtle signs that can indicate that you should put a call out to the local plumber when you read the rest of this article. 

You have an unexplainable puddle in your yard 

If you see a puddle in your yard, and it hasn't rained, or you haven't recently watered the lawn, then you should have the local plumber come out. The appearance of a mysterious puddle in your yard can indicate that you have a burst pipe out there. It's important for you to have this problem fixed as quickly as possible. A huge amount of water can come from the pipe. This can significantly raise your water bill, cause damage to your yard, and present many other issues as well. 

You see signs of moisture in the house

If you are seeing signs of moisture somewhere in your home, then it can mean there is a leak somewhere. You may feel that the floor is wet when nothing has been spilled there recently. You may notice that the wall looks wet or that the paint is bubbling or that it is peeling. These are a few examples of possible plumbing issues that you'll want a local plumber to look into right away. 

Your water bill has gone up significantly

If you see that your water bill has significantly raised, then verify that there hasn't recently been an increase in the rates. If there hasn't been, then the next thing you want to do is to rule out plumbing problems. You may have a leak going on that you have no idea about. You may see no other signs of a leak, but a massive amount of water may be leaking somewhere. You want a plumber to come to your home and check things for you. They can determine what and where the issue is, then fix it for you. 


Now, you have a better idea of some things that can indicate there are problems with your plumbing that should be fixed as soon as possible. This can help ensure you keep your plumbing in better condition.

Contact a local plumber to learn more.