Common Questions About Having Your Sewer Line Hydro-Jetted

14 June 2023
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If you're struggling with a clogged or slow sewer line, your plumber will generally come out and perform a service called hydro-jetting. Hydrojets have been around for a while. They are tools that shoot out a very powerful stream of water. This water blasts grime and clogging material out of the pipes, clearing your blockage so your sewer pine flows freely again. The process of having your sewer lines hydro-jetted is pretty simple, but you might still have a few questions you'd like answered before your plumber starts working.

Where does the plumber insert the hydro-jet?

The plumber will generally feed the hydro jet down the sewer cleanout. In most homes, this cleanout is located outside, a few feet from the place where the sewer line enters the home. Occasionally it will be located inside the home in the basement. It's only a few inches wide, but that's okay. A hydro jet is just a little bit bigger around than a garden hose, so it can be fed down a pretty narrow access pipe if needed.

Is hydro-jetting better than using a pipe snake?

Yes. A pipe snake can be used to remove clogs in smaller drain pipes, such as those associated directly with your toilet. But it is harder to use effectively in large pipes, such as your main sewer pipe. Drain snakes also tend not to remove grime and grease that is lining the pipe; they really only remove solid chunks of material. A hydro jet blasts everything away. There's usually a lot of grime lining sewer lines, and it needs to be blasted away so it does not just grab onto more solid materials and cause another blockage.

Will the hydro jet damage your sewer pipes?

A hydro jet is unlikely to damage your sewer pipes. Sewer pipes are some of the hardest, most durable pipes around. They're often made from cast iron. Even flimsier plumbing materials, like PVC, can stand up to a hydro jet, so your sewer line can definitely withstand the pressure.

Will a hydro jet remove tree roots from the line?

Yes. If there are tree roots in your sewer line, the hydro jet will blast them away. It's relatively common for tree roots to grow into a sewer line. After your plumber removes them with a hydro jet, they can use herbicides to help keep them from growing back.

With these questions answered, you should be better prepared to have your sewer line hydro-jetted, Before long, your drains will run free again.