Drain Maintenance Facts Homeowners Should Know

8 August 2023
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Household drain issues are far more common than many homeowners realize. Unfortunately, there are a number of common misconceptions that contribute to these issues. In fact, you might be unknowingly increasing your risk of drain issues that will necessitate professional intervention. Here are some of the things that your plumbing contractor wants you to know about reducing drain issues.

Chemical drain cleaners can be damaging

When drains slow down, many homeowners reach for a drain-clearing product from the local hardware store. Unfortunately, these products are far more damaging to your plumbing system than you might think. 

The way that drain-clearing products work is through a mixture of chemicals that break down clogs. Those same chemicals cause deterioration of your pipe lining, putting you at greater risk of leaks, failed pipes, and similar issues. 

Avoid this risk by opting for plungers, baking soda and vinegar, or a drain snake to help clear slow drains. When those methods don't work, reach out to your local plumber for professional drain cleaning.

Hot water is not a solution for clog prevention

If you have ever been told that you can drain grease in the sink or run things through the disposal that don't belong as long as you run hot water with them, you've been led astray. Hot water may help keep the grease and particles in liquid form at first, but the water will cool as it flows through the pipe, which means you simply shift the location of the clog. As the water cools, the grease solidifies in the pipes and creates obstructions. It's best to keep grease and similar elements safely away from your drains.

Lemon peels will not help your disposal

If you have been running lemon peels through your disposal regularly to clean it, you have been wasting your time. You might notice that your disposal smells better immediately after you run the peels through, but that's only because you've disrupted the peels and released the smell of the citrus oils. This does not last long, so it's not going to serve as a deodorizer or an effective replacement for actually cleaning your drains. You'll still need professional cleaning services to keep things flowing and prevent odors.

The more you understand about properly caring for your home's drains, the easier it is to see what's best left to a professional. Talk with your local plumber to learn more about drain services